A Successful Mistake Chapter Partner

Have you ever written or created something that changes the very nature of how you think?

I have, and although I began writing The Successful Mistake under the assumption it would be a book and nothing but a book, it soon took me on a journey I could never have anticipated or imagined. I cannot describe how much value this has brought me, and I only hope it offers a go-getter like yourself a vast amount of it, too.

But one of the biggest lessons this books has taught me is the value behind involving others: collaborators, audience members, friends, family, like-minded brands / people / organisations…

And it’s this that brings us to today’s post, because I’m delighted to announce a special partnership between The Successful Mistake and TYPEFORM.

You see, the moment I started The Successful Mistake is the moment I involved others — after all, it’s a book that’s only been made possible after interviewing 163 successful entrepreneurs.

As such, inviting and involving a selection of businesses I admire and adore… who produce the tools I use each day, and that continue to help me write, publish, and market The Successful Mistake… Well, it simply made sense to do so, and I’m happy to say Typeform is one of these incredible partners.

So, in today’s post you’ll learn:

  • WHO Typeform are and WHY they’re involved in The Successful Mistake…
  • WHAT they do and HOW they can help you…
  • HOW they have helped me write this book + my Top 5 Favourite Typeform Features…
  • WHAT we have planned and how you can benefit from this awesome partnership TODAY!

I am so proud of The Successful Mistake, but it’s taken an army of people to transform it into what it is today.

Partners like Typeform play an integral role in this, and I cannot wait to introduce them to you.



Okay… so WHO are Typeform and what do they produce, exactly?

Head over to their homepage and you’re met with a rather simple message:

“Goodbye Forms. Hello typeforms.”

This says all you need to know, because although Typeform produce the type of forms you come across each and every day, these are not the type of forms you’re used to.

Here are just a selection of things you can create using Typeform:

  • Job Application Forms
  • Suggestion Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Contact Forms
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Online Quizzes (you know, the type you find on Facebook)
  • Polls
  • Questionnaires
  • Registrations Forms
  • Lead Gen Sign Up Forms
  • Delivery Forms
  • Booking Session Forms
  • Event Invitations
  • Much… Much… More…


I was first introduced to typeforms by my buddy Guy (founder of Publishizer), and I’ll be honest with you… I didn’t think I would end up using them.

After all, we already have things like Google Docs and numerous other survey creators, so why on earth do I need a new tool like this?

Well… within 30 seconds I knew I’d never use another form creator again, because Typeform doesn’t just help you create an array of forms that help you run and grow your business… they do so in an interactive manner that blows your audience away!!

AND… makes it super easy and user friendly for YOU!

So, let me share my Personal Top 5 Favourite Typeform Features, and I dare you to not fall in love by the end of this list…


As someone who likes things to look nice, Typeform caught my eye in an instant.

Because let’s face it, most forms we have to fill in (I’m looking at you, Google Docs) are bland and downright ugly (let alone user unfriendly), so the fact Typeform place design at the forefront means a lot, because I want those who come across my work to feel something along each step of the way — including when I ask them to fill in a form of some kind.

Simply put… Design Matters!

Ensuring everything you do aligns with your brand and style… matters!

Typeform makes sure you produce forms that look good as well as work good, and for me this alone sets them apart from ALL of their competitors.


Taking Simple Forms To An Exciting Level

Taking Simple Forms To An Exciting Level

Build Your Forms Around Your Brand - Make Them Stand Out

Build Your Forms Around Your Brand – Make Them Stand Out

When Does Design Not Matter?

When Does Design Not Matter?


Moving away from the awesome style and looks of Typeform, the next big aspect I adore is the Logic Jump feature that ensures your forms are intelligent and intuitive, as well as the simple way Typeform helps you keep things personal and conversational (it’s amazing how powerful using someone’s name can be…)

You can learn more about the full ins-and-outs of Logic Jump here, but to give you a quick overview of what this means, let’s take something simple like whether you have read The Successful Mistake or not:

  • Question 1 of a questionnaire asks you whether you have read The Successful Mistake or not…
  • Using Logic Jump, you can direct the user on a different journey depending on whether they say yes or no…
  • So, if you answer NO… Question 2 may ask what the last book you read was…
  • Whereas if you answer YES… Question 2 may ask you which chapter was your favourite…

You can implement Logic Jump in MANY-MANY ways, ensuring your users are taken on an interactive and personal experience throughout.

Simply put, Typeform offers an intelligent and intuitive experience like no other form builder I’ve come across.


Logic Jump = A New Level of Awesome!

Logic Jump = A New Level of Awesome!

Keep Your Audience Engaged & Happy 24/7

Keep Your Audience Engaged & Happy 24/7


If you’re anything like me, you use a selection of different tools and services that makes your business tick.

From email marketing, video hosting, and CRM systems… I rely on these tools to not only make my business better, but to save me a whole bunch of time by automating the process whenever possible.

And because Typeform hooks up with services like Zapier, you can integrate almost any software you use to make sure you save time, money, and a whole host of stress.

Here are just a few ways you can integrate Typeform with other tools you use:

  • User fills in a Typeform and gets added automatically to a ConvertKit Sequence
  • Save new Typeform entries into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Send Gmail Follows Ups to new Typeform entries
  • Get an SMS Message whenever you get a new Typeform entry
  • Add each new Typeform entry into Contactually

This just scratches the surface, meaning Typeform helps you save a lot of time and money, as well as WOWing your audience with awesome forms.


Integrate With Everything!

Integrate With Everything!

Connect With The Tools You Use Most

Connect With The Tools You Use Most


Whether you like data and analytics or not, they remain an IMPORTANT part of the process at all times.

Not only does Typeform produce all the data you’ll ever need, they do so in a visual and attractive manner that’s easy to digest, analyse, and make sure you continue to improve moving forward.

You can also export this data in numerous ways, meaning it’s easy to import into CRM systems, email marketing, and other spreadsheets aimed at making your business a smoothly-run ship.

Seriously… I’m not a data geek by any means, but just check out the screenshots below and tell me this doesn’t look better than all other form creators out there…


Bring Your Data Alive

Bring Your Data Alive


My final fave feature is the ability to create interactive online quizzes with Typeformyou know, those quizzes that pop up on your Facebook feed each day..

Not only does this give you another means to interact with your audience, but if used properly, is an absolute treasure trove for potential leads and subscribers.

But I’ll say no more on this feature right now, because I’d like to turn focus on to how we’re using Typeform for The Successful Mistake, and this  feature is one of the ways we’re doing so…


Let's Get Quizzy

Let’s Get Quizzy



Typeform has quickly become one of those tools I cannot fathom how I lived without for so long, because barely a day goes by I don’t find myself using it.

You may find it hard to believe how a form builder like this plays an integral role in the creation of a book, but it has and continues to do so each day.

Here are just a few ways we’ve used Typeform within The Successful Mistake:

  • To gather addresses and other important information from the 163 entrepreneurs who feature in the book
  • A form to reward those who review the book with a Discount Code to use in the Successful Mistake store
  • To gather feedback on the book cover and other designs used in the book
  • Create polls for popular workshops and webinars
  • The Successful Mistake Quiz

It’s this final point I’d like to turn focus on, because a large part of any successful book launch is the ability to reach new people and create valuable exposure… and although we’ve done this in numerous ways for The Successful Mistake, it’s The Successful Mistake Quiz that excites me the most.

As I write this, we’re still building The Successful Mistake Quiz, but it centres around providing an exciting and entertaining (let alone, short) quiz for a go-getting individual like you learn who you’re most like from the book itself.

That’s right… I’ve chosen a handful of entrepreneurs from the book, created a few questions, and within a few minutes you’ll uncover who your entrepreneurial soul mate is.

It’s such a fun feature I cannot wait to share with you, and it’s made possible because I use Typeform — and they have amazing features like Logic Jump and Calculator.

As I say, this quiz is still under construction… but if you’d like access to it before anyone else, well, keep reading… 🙂



Whether you knew about Typeform before this post or not, I hope you see as much value in what they offer as I do.

I’m not saying this because they’re a Successful Mistake Partner… rather, I approached them to become a partner because I use their service, love what they do, and value the role they’ve played throughout The Successful Mistake.

This right here is the key difference, my friend, and I’m proud to call them partners for a book that means so much to me.

So… what can you expect from here-on-in between The Successful Mistake and Typeform?

We have lots of plans up our sleeves — not just around the book launch, but moving deep into the future — and we invite you to be part of it starting today, because we have a Special Successful Mistake Welcome Pack designed especially for a go-getter like YOU.

It’s 100% FREE and includes:

  • The Successful Mistake Chapter Sample
  • Instant Access To Stage One’s Interactive Workbook
  • The Successful Mistake Artwork Bundle
  • Entry into the course: 5 Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making Today if You Want to Be Successful


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the complete Typeform Features Here.

I’ve only scratched the surface as to what this awesome company produces, and if you’re anything like me you’ll fall in love once you check out everything they have to offer.

With that… I’d love to hear your thoughts about this post, about Typeform, and about your own faved features. Reach out to me on either FACEBOOK or TWITTER, or if you prefer… send me an email.


Now… go forth and share this article with every single person you know 🙂