I'm Successful But Still Feel Fu%king Useless -- Now What?

With his Manhattan corner office and a hefty salary wired to his account each month, people looked at AJ Leon and saw a successful individual. After all, he had a nice apartment in one of the liveliest cities in the world, went out to nice restaurants, and wore expensive clothes. He lived the life, so when his boss offered him a big promotion a few weeks before his wedding day, he smiled as his great lifestyle transformed into a perfect one.

He had to smile, right?

Such a scenario defines what it means to be successful, so there’s no way in hell AJ quit his job out of the blue to become a modern day gypsy and humanitarian…

Except, that’s exactly what AJ Leon did a week before he married his sweetheart.

You see, something didn’t feel right, and although accepting this new promotion would set him up for life, the thought of leading this particular life for the rest of his days sent shivers up his spine.

As you read this, maybe you can appreciate AJ’s dilemma. On the outside, maybe you seem successful and have it all sorted out. Maybe you’re a high-level executive or own a business that makes lots of money, or drive around town in a  nice car whilst you wear wonderful clothes.

To those who know you, you’re a success.

But each day you feel empty, and although you’re satisfied and appreciative for what you have, you just know there’s more to life than… this.

You’re not alone, and after interviewing A LOT of successful entrepreneurs I appreciate the difference between someone who seems successful on the outside, to those who believe it on the inside.

So, if you feel there’s more to your journey, keep reading because you’re about to discover:

  1. 3 People Who Had It All But Threw It Away Because They Desire Real Success
  2. The Real Difference Between Successful People & Those Who Wish They Were
  3. How You Can Implement This Successful Mindset Into Your Life TODAY!
  4. How to Overcome Fear of Failure & Thrive Like Only You Can
  5. + A Special Gift You Won’t Want To Miss.


Whilst Kate Mats climbed the corporate ladder at Amazon, those who knew her referred to her as someone who had it all.

Not only did she have a good salary and an important position (executive this, executive that…), but she worked at Amazon for goodness sake. Life doesn’t get much better than this, and in terms of successful… she had it in an abundance, surely.

So, why did Kate desire more?

Why, after each promotion did she feel somewhat frustrated and anxious to get the next one.

As I spoke to her, she told me about desiring control and being part of the big-decisions, but no matter how high up the corporate ladder she climbed, she always seemed just out of reach — she couldn’t figure out How to Overcome Fear of Failure

To everyone else, a true success story… But to Kate, it never felt right..

If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you appreciate this frustration, yes?

It’s one thing to have money and important titles, but another to enjoy the freedom to truly make a difference.

Bit-by-bit, Kate realised this until she plucked up the courage to leave Amazon and instead work for startups (like Moz), before eventually setting up her own business a few years later.

You can learn a lot from Kate’s story because on the outside she lead a successful life. She made her parents proud. She worked hard and got rewarded for it. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy her work or the places she worked at, but no matter how ‘successful‘ she became, she never believed it.

And we’ll focus on why she didn’t soon, but before we do I’d like to introduce you to a different kind of entrepreneur…

I'm-Successful-But-Still-Feel-Fucking-Useless-and How to Overcome Fear of Failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure with Kate Mats


Although I’m sure you enjoy Kate’s story, you may not fully appreciate it.

After all, no matter how successful of a worker an entrepreneur may be, it’s not the same as building your own empire.

But what about those who do start a business, dominate their industry, make money, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the ‘big boys‘, and still return home each evening feeling somewhat incomplete (they still don’t know How to Overcome Fear of Failure)

Take Jayson Gaignard, for instance, the founder of MasterMind Talks.

Not long ago, Jayson ran a ticket company called TicketsCanada.com, which grew to be Canada’s third largest ticket retailer. Not a bad achievement in anybody’s book, and a venture that transformed Jayson into a rich and wealthy dude.

He also got to meet a lot of great people, go to prestigious events, and lead the type of successful lifestyle every budding entrepreneur wishes to live.

And although Jayson certainly didn’t hate the life he woke up to each day, it didn’t quite light a fire within him, either.

Jayson told me about how he lost this business and racked up a large amount of debt, and as he looks back on this period, he recalls a lot of self-sabotaging.

I imagine this came down to frustration, because there he was, a successful entrepreneur with a great business, yet each night he went to bed feeling… meh.

Why was he unhappy?

What was wrong with him?

Why didn’t he care about everything he built?!?

It’s rather simple really, although it took me a long time to figure out. Once I did… well…  I saw every entrepreneur I met in a new light.

I'm-Successful-But-Still-Feel-Fucking-Useless-Now-What-Jayson Gaignard-and How to Overcome Fear of Failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure withJayson Gaignard


Although Kate, Jayson, and AJ may have seemed successful all along, they didn’t believe or truly feel it for some time.

And the reason for this is they didn’t appreciate what success meant to them.

What I’m about to say may sound ridiculously simple, but I assure you it’s true:

the difference between successful people and those not quite there yet, is that successful people define what success means to them.

You hate me right now because it can’t possibly be so simple, but consider this for a second…

Kate climbed the corporate ladder because she figured it would get her to a level of happiness; a part of the business where she could make decisions. But why did she want this?The truth is she didn’t have an end-point, and therefore couldn’t shift her frustration.

AJ had the money and apartment and job security, but when he considered the rest of his life — and how so much of it would reside within those impressive office walls — he hated himself. This was a version of success he’d been lead to believe was good, but what did it mean to him?

And Jayson literally built something by himself, grew it to a level where it made lots of money, yet he still came away each evening longing for more. Again, he’d grown the type of business you’re lead to believe you should build, but if you listen to Jayson speak today.. watch him on stage… read his work… you appreciate VERY quickly how owning a ticket selling business would never fulfil his desire and passion.

The secret sauce that separates successful people from those who wish they were, are that those who are appreciate what it means to them.

So, if you grow more frustrated each day because you’re not satisfied with your life/business/work/whatever, despite the fact you seem successful and happy on the outside, maybe it’s because you don’t yet appreciate what your version of success is.

And this is fine, because few people actually do.

But you can change this, and you can do so via a rather simple task…


The moment I realised what I’m about to tell you was a strange day indeed.

On the one hand it all made sense, and I honestly felt better about who I am and the journey I’m on.

But on the other I hated myself because it took me so long to figure out, despite interviewing 163 successful business minds.

The truth is, you’re brought up to strive towards someone else’s version of success.

Whether that’s your parents, teachers, the media, societies outlook on jobs/money/cars, or simply a person you idolise and place on a pedestal… for a long time you base everything you do — education, careers, love, friendship — around a certain type of success.

And it’s all complete bullshit!!

Because success is a subjective ideal, not something you define in a dictionary.

It’s about what it means to YOU!

And until you appreciate this and begin searching for your own personal definition of success, you’ll never be successful — not on the inside.

You may make money and live the type of lifestyle that looks fantastic, but never — ever-ever — will you believe it; feel it.

But you can change this starting today, although I warn you it isn’t easy.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and once you begin this journey you may find you’ve been living a lie. Just like AJ had, and Jayson, and Kate…

Not everyone’s ready to figure out what success means to them, but if you think you are I encourage you to do this rather simple task:

  1. Block 2 hours out of your schedule (this needs to be alone time. Quiet time. No computer or distractions time…)
  2. Imagine you’ve just won $1 Billion — therefore have no reason to work for money again.
  3. Begin to write down how you would spend the rest of your days (bullet points, a story, mind map…)
  4. Based on this lifestyle, what do you NEED in your life (consider money, time, freedom, location, etc…)
  5. Allow these thoughts to marinate for a few days
How to Overcome Fear of Failure

This is How to Overcome Fear of Failure

It’s important to let these thoughts and ideas settle for a while, because you’ll naturally expand them as you speak to people, read, and generally live your life. You’ve spent a long time with your eyes closed, whereas an exercise like this opens them. As you imagine, it opens a can of worms. The point is to remove yourself from the same-old-same-old, because for too long you’ve been stuck in the mindset of this is what I should be doing. Whereas you need to step into the mindset of this is what I NEED to be doing. .

You may find you don’t need millions to live the lifestyle you desire, instead requiring time and location independance.

You may realise you have enough money, but not enough time.

Maybe you have enough time, but you don’t get chance to spend it with the right people.

And maybe you realise you have everything you need, but don’t serve the customers you crave.

Maybe you help a lot of people, but not the right ones.


I cannot promise you what your version of success will look like, nor if it’ll be something you expect it to be. The whole point is to figure out what success means to you, because once you define this you can dedicate your life to it. This is what successful people like Kate, Jayson, and AJ do, and after interviewing 160 other successful entrepreneurs for my latest book, The Successful Mistake, I assure you they’re not alone in doing so. Of course, a post like this only skims the surface, but that’s why I’ve written Of course, a post like this only skims the surface, but that’s why I’ve written The Successful Mistake. But you need to take action RIGHT NOW, so to help you on your way I have a special gift for you: 11 Vital Questions EVERY Successful Person Asks – And Why You Need To, Too

Although short by design, these 11 questions will make you look at your business, your approach, and your life in a new light. And, in doing so, place you in the same mindset as those you look up.



With that I’ll bid you farewell, but not before I encourage you to reach out to me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. My purpose is to help you find your version of success and then dedicate your life to achieving it. The sooner you get in touch with me, the sooner I can help and you can learn how to overcome fear of failure.




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