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Making your own mistakes is outdated!

Instead of making your own mistakes, I will show you how to learn from other people so you can avoid failure, overcome any obstacle, and build BIG success (in 5 simple steps). In this free, 5 lesson course I’ll teach you five practical exercises that will fast-track your success and give you an unfair advantage over your competetion & peers.

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Why make your own mistakes when you learn from people who have been there and done it.

My name is Matthew Turner, and I spent four years interviewing 163 successful entrepreneurs, speakers, artists, writers, and thought leaders about their biggest ever mistake (and how they turned this around and transformed into a BIG success).

I’ve not only learned what the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make, but discovered a seven step formula to turn any obstacle into an advantage. In this free, 5 lesson course I will show you how to overcome ANY failure and build BIG success (in 5 simple steps).

These are skills you need!

You have big ambition, and you don’t have any time to waste. Not only do you wish to grow your business and make enough money to secure yours and your family’s future, but you wish to develop YOU (so you can earn more, work less & finally balance your work and life — just like those you admire do on a daily basis).


  • Entrepreneurs & Founders: Showing you step-by-step how experienced business owners overcome failure & build thriving brands on the back of this.
  • Writers, Bloggers, Podcasters & Artists: Helping you not only build & nurture an invested audience, but how to leverage your mistakes so you turn them into your biggest endorsers yet.
  • Online Coaches & Consultants: Not only giving you the tools and know-how to improve your own business, but to help your clients thrive.
  • Enterprise & Entrepreneurial Students: I’ve interviewed 163 of the world’s best business minds so you don’t need to make the same mistakes they have.



Matthew Turner is an author & storyteller who works with entrepreneurs, founders & creative thinkers build thriving businesses that light a fire within them.

After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people overcome failure and adversity, not only ensuring they don’t ruin their livelihood, but form the basis of their greatest idea yet.

Through his research & findings, he’s ready to share what separates successful business people apart from everyone else, and how you can implement a successful mindset that lets you build a happy, free & successful work / life balance — let alone profit & all the other goodness that comes with success & infamy.

Here’s what you’ll learn

I’ve designed this course to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to avoid the biggest mistakes most new entrepreneurs make. Each lesson is compact, to the point, and shares an actionable exercise so you can APPLY what you learn straight away.



Learn how to keep calm and how to overcome panic so you make the ‘right’ decision at all times (Inspired by Corbett Barr)



Learn about the true dangers of procrastination & how to overcome it (Inspired by Jordan Harbinger)


Unlock the secret behind living a balanced and happy lifestyle (Inspired by Claud Williams)


Discover my own big mistake & how to avoid the same pitfalls that I didn’t (Inspired by ME… Matthew Turner)


Learn the true importance of your relationships (+ why they really matter) (Inspired by Dan Miller)

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