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Have you ever written or created something that changes the very nature of how you think?

I have, and although I began writing The Successful Mistake under the assumption it would be a book and nothing but a book, it soon took me on a journey I could never have anticipated or imagined. I cannot describe how much value it’s personally brought me, and I only hope it offers a go-getter like yourself a vast amount of it, too.

But one of the biggest lessons this book has offered is the value in involving other people: collaborators, audience members, friends, family, like-minded brands / people / organisations…

And it’s this that brings us to today’s blog post, because I’m delighted to announce a special partnership between The Successful Mistake and FOLLOWUP.CC.

You see, the moment I started to write The Successful Mistake is the moment I decided to involve others — after all, it’s a book that’s only possible after 163 successful entrepreneurs agreed to join the fun.

As such, inviting and involving a selection of businesses I admire and adore — who produce the very tools I use each day, and that continue to help me write, publish, and market The Successful Mistake —  made sense, and I’m happy to say Follow Up is one of these incredible partners.

So, in today’s post you’ll learn:

  • WHO Follow Up are and WHY they’re involved in The Successful Mistake…
  • WHAT they do and HOW they have helped me write this book.
  • MY Top 5 Favourite Follow Up Features, and how they can help you achieve greatness, too
  • WHAT we have planned and how you can benefit from this awesome partnership TODAY!

I am so proud of The Successful Mistake, but it’s taken an army of people to transform it into what it is today.

Partners like Follow Up play an integral role, and I cannot wait to introduce them to you.





When I first came across Follow Up, I trialled their service because they provided me the opportunity to stay on top of my emails, and remind me to follow-up with those I reach out to.

You don’t need me to tell you how important following-up your leads is, and as someone who interviewed 163 busy entrepreneurs for The Successful Mistake, I’m sure you can imagine I spent a lot of my time sending A LOT of email.

And for far too long I tried to keep track of this manually, with spreadsheets and notes… and would you like to know something?

It was hard!

I wasted my time!

I ended up making mistakes because I had so many damn spreadsheets and notes!

Whereas Follow Up offered me the chance to rid this headache, although to say all it does is help you follow-up your emails is quite the understatement, because as I soon learned, this tool goes MUCH deeper.

Simply put, it fast became one of my most used daily tools, and it’s for this reason I reached out to them to become a Successful Mistake Partner.

I’m so excited to share my Top 5 Favourite Follow Up Features with you right now, but as a company that continues to add new aspects each month, it’s a tool that keeps on giving.

So… if you’d like to feel more on top of your email, I hope you’re prepared to fall in love, my friend, for in a few minutes time you will.


Although you can use Follow Up in any email application (by adding to the BB field, for instance — this sends you a follow up reminder 1 week later), its amazing Gmail Integration truly does make your life easier.

As I say, I use Follow Up with just about every email I send (whether on my phone or in Contactually), but as someone who sends the bulk of emails from within Gmail itself, this feature saves a whole host of time.

It’s so easy to use, too, requiring a couple of ticks and clicks, and just like that… whoosh… you’re safe in the knowledge you’ll soon be reminded to follow-up Jeff and arrange that long overdue coffee.

Seriously, just look how simple this Gmail integration makes things…


With Follow Up and Gmail, your life is made easy

With Follow Up and Gmail, your life is made easy

Either use one of the suggestions or create your own...

Either use one of the suggestions or create your own…


Although Follow Up’s gmail integrations is rather speeded indeed, it only scratches the surface.

Because as you may know, there’s an art to following people up, and although in some instances you may want to wait a week or a month before you send your second email, other occasions require a more immediate response.

Well… you’re not shackled to a few options with Follow Up, oh no, as you’re given a near infinite amount of possibilities.

Within Gmail this is made super easy as the previous screenshots show, but even if you’re using your phone or some other email software, it doesn’t require much extra work.

For example, here are just a few Follow Up examples you could use:

  • = reminds you in 10 days time
  • = reminds you at 8pm later that day (or tomorrow)
  • = reminds you at 9am on Monday
  • = reminds you on January 1st
  • = reminds you on January 1st at 11am
  • = reminds you at 9am EVERY Monday

Once you understand how these reminders are structured (Read This For More Detail), it’s super simple to add these follow-up reminders whether you’re in Gmail or not — and because you can send recurring reminders, this tool fast becomes an alarm clock of sorts, keeping you on top regular tasks like paying bills, calling a coaching client, or heading to the gym.


Even without Gmail, your limits are endless!

Even without Gmail, your limits are endless!


When I first began using Follow Up, they didn’t have this feature, and I actually paid an extra $10 each month to use another tool.

Then, one glorious day, Follow Up added this amazing feature that tells you whether someone has opened (and/or clicked) your email, and indeed, when and how often they have done so.

When it comes to relevancy and following-up with people when the fire’s hottest, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Of course, Follow Up isn’t the only company to offer this service these days, but I find it works better than most, and the way it breaks everything down in Gmail is clean, simple, and easy to manage.

This is certainly one of the features I use the most, because I’m always keen to know whether someone has read my email or not (and if they’ve clicked a particular link). It helps me personalise the follow-up message, and make sure I’m as relevant as I can be at all times.


Keep track of who opens your emails, and when they do so

Keep track of who opens your emails, and when they do so

Helping you stay relevant at all times.

Helping you stay relevant at all times.


I’ll admit, I don’t use this feature all too often, because I tend to use Contactually to send simple automated sequences like this.

However, I cannot deny how awesome this Follow Up feature is, because it allows you to create custom templates and automated follow-up messages to those you reach out to — not only saving you time in the process, but whisking your contact on a specific journey.

For example, let’s say I reach out to 50 journalists leading up to The Successful Mistake’s launch, and because I’m sharing a simple press release, each email I send basically looks the same.

Saving myself a lot of time and heartache, I could create a simple Follow Up Sequence that:

  • Sends a Follow-Up email if they don’t reply after two days
  • Wait a further three days before following-up once again, only this time with a link to a video.
  • Finally… wait another four days, and if they still haven’t replied, send a final follow up with an invitation to grab a phone call

This article goes into this in greater detail, and as you can see for yourself it’s a super easy feature to use.

Again, this is another feature that didn’t exist when I first used Follow Up, which shows how they continue to push the boundaries each and every month.

Simply put, these guys and gals want to save you time and make your email more effective, which I for one am rather thankful for.


Automate your follow ups and save lots of time.

Automate your follow ups and save lots of time.

Once again, doing this couldn't be easier (let alone faster).

Once again, doing this couldn’t be easier (let alone faster).


Whilst writing this article, I realised how many amazing Follow Up features I love and use each day, so I’m cheating a little right now and sharing two features with you 🙂

For starters, I LOVE how you can schedule your emails for later, because it isn’t just about emailing people and following them up, rather doing so in the most effective manner possible.

And as someone who lives in the UK and sends a lot of email when I first wake up at 6am (1am in New York), I don’t always want to hit the send button straight away, which is where this simple yet awesome feature comes into play.

Because it let’s me delay it for a few hours… days… or until a specific date/time I can choose from within Gmail itself.

Super simple and super awesome, and to say I use this feature a lot is quite the understatement.

BUT... it isn’t just about the emails I send, because I receive a lot myself, and sometimes I appreciate a message is important, but not in the here-and-now.

So… rather than have it hog my inbox, I’ll Press The Snooze Button so Follow Up can re-send it to me a few hours later… or a few days later… or until a date/time I specify.

Again, this saves me a whole lot of heartache, and is yet another feature I use each and every day.

So although I’ve cheated and added two features right now, I’m not sorry.

The truth is, I’ve only scratched the surface here, as there are many-many more valuable features that Follow Up offer a go-getter like you.

But you may be wondering how I personally use this tool, and how it’s specially helped me write The Successful Mistake. Well, read on my friend… read on…


One of my favourite features of all... snooze your emails until a more convenient time :)

One of my favourite features of all… snooze your emails until a more convenient time 🙂



Other than The Automated Follow Up Feature, I use EVERYTHING we’ve just covered on a daily basis.

Seriously, Follow Up is a tool I use each day, and although it may not have played a vital role in me actually writing The Successful Mistake, it’s played a HUGE one during the interview process — and to this day when it comes to arranging Press, Partnerships, Outreach, and everything else that makes a successful book launch.

When I first began this journey, I didn’t appreciate how important following people up was.

I assumed if they didn’t reply to my first email, they wouldn’t reply to a second or third or fourth, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The truth is, people are busy and get a lot of email, and I know people who refuse to answer a first email unless it’s from a friend, instead waiting until said person follows them up.

Why? Because this proves you’re serious!

So, if you don’t Follow Up EVERY single one of your emails, you are missing out, my friend.

And if you try and keep on top of this manually like I did for far too long… good luck.

I only wish I’d found Follow Up during the early stages of researching The Successful Mistake, because I’d have wasted less time and bagged many more interviews during the process.

I love this tool oh-so much, and I’m so proud to have them part of The Successful Mistake, and although it may be hard to see how they helped me write this book, they played (and continue to) an integral role throughout the entire project.

And I’m happy to say we have some awesome plans ahead, and we’d love to invite you to join the fun…





Like I say, I’m so proud to have Follow up part of this Successful Mistake adventure, but this partnership is neither about them nor the book, rather YOU!!!

Myself and the Follow Up team are in constant contact, coming up with ideas to provide folk like you the best value possible (not just through the book itself, but with exclusive Follow Up opportunities, too).  I cannot reveal all of these plans, for most of them remain top secret right now…

But the moment you join The Successful Mistake Adventure and become part of this book’s journey, is the minute you join a select community that gets A LOT of value!

Simply put, we have huge plans up our sleeves — not just around the book launch, but moving deep into the future — and we invite you to be part of it starting today with a Special Successful Mistake / Follow Up Welcome Pack designed especially for YOU.

It’s 100% FREE and includes:

  • The Successful Mistake Chapter Sample
  • Instant Access To Stage One’s Interactive Workbook
  • The Successful Mistake Artwork Bundle
  • Entry into the course: 5 Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making Today if You Want to Be Successful


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the complete Follow Up Features Here —  you will not be disappointed!

I’ve only scratched the surface as to what this awesome company produces, and if you’re anything like me you’ll fall in love once you check out everything they have to offer.

With that… I’d love to hear your thoughts about this post, about Follow Up, and about your own faved features. Reach out to me on either FACEBOOK or TWITTER, and if you have any questions about this partnership or the book in general, say hello via email 🙂

Here’s to you, my go-getting brethren!




Now… go forth and share this article with every single person you know 🙂