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Have you ever written or created something that changes the very nature of how you think?

I have, and although I began writing The Successful Mistake under the assumption it would be a book and nothing but a book, it soon took me on a journey I could never have anticipated or imagined. I cannot describe how much value it’s brought me, and I only hope it offers a go-getter like yourself a vast amount, too.

But one of the biggest lessons this books has taught me is the value behind involving other people: collaborators, audience members, friends, family, like-mined brands / people / organisations…

And it’s this that brings us to today’s post, because I’m delighted to announce a special partnership between The Successful Mistake and CONTACTUALLY.

You see, the very moment I began The Successful Mistake is the moment I decided to involve others — after all, it’s a book that’s only made possible after interviewing 163 successful entrepreneurs.

As such, inviting and involving a selection of businesses I admire and adore — who produce the tools I use each day, and that continue to help me write, publish, and market The Successful Mistake —  made sense, and I’m happy to say Contactually are one of these incredible partners.

So, in today’s post you’ll learn:

  • WHO Contactually are and WHY they’re involved in The Successful Mistake…
  • WHAT they do and HOW they have helped me write this book.
  • MY Top 5 Favourite Contactually Features, and how they can help you achieve greatness, too
  • WHAT we have planned and how you can benefit from this awesome partnership TODAY!

I am so proud of The Successful Mistake, but it’s taken an army of people to transform it into what it is today.

Partners like Contactually play an integral role, and I cannot wait to introduce them to you.



Okay… so WHO are Contactually and why should you care about a partnership like this?

Simply put, Contactually is a Relationship Based CRM System that helps build real and authentic connections with people (+ nurture them over time), with the keyword to take from all of this being: Relationship Based.

Because CRM systems are a dime-a-dozen, and for the most part they all all do the same thing.

They’re designed to keep your connections in one place, so you can grab their details at a moments notice, and to an extent, keep track of sales… leads… and potential business.

There’s a good chance you use a CRM system like this already, and if you don’t then I’m sure you’re on the look out for one because you can only go so long without help in this regard.


Because you have so much to do, and it’s hard to keep track and to stay on top, otherwise.

So… what makes Contactually different to all the other CRM systems out there, and why do I personally use them?

Again, it comes down to those two rather important words: Relationship-Based

Because Contactually isn’t simply about keeping all your contacts in one place and tracking who’s doing what, because although it does all of this to great affect, it goes far deeper by focussing its attention around helping you build meaningful and authentic relationships with peopleas well nurture these friendships over time so you can become a superstar connector.

With this in mind, let me me share my Personal Top 5 Favourite Contactually Features, because although there are many other great features, it’s these 5 I use day-in-day-out.


It may not sound overly friendly to bucket those you know into different segments, but the way Contactually let’s you do this is a true game-changer.

Because you don’t — like you do in so many other CRM systems — simply segment your connections into groups like Leads, Press, Clients, etc…

Oh no, you give each Bucket a specific purpose, and when you combine these buckets with Contactually’s intuitive Reminder/Follow Up features (more on this next), you create an environment where you stay connected with those you wish to stay connected with, and make sure you never allow a connection to grow old and stale.

For example, I have a bucket called ‘The Uber 50‘, and within these are 50 people who I admire, respect, and wish to stay in constant contact with.

Within this bucket, I’ve set a reminder for every 60 days, so if I go 2 months without speaking to someone in The Uber 50 (either by Facebook, Phone, Email, whatever… Contactually tracks all of these communications), Contactually emails me to say,

“Hey, you haven’t spoken to Jeff for a while. You should get on that.”

Simple by nature, but oh-so valuable and helpful, and this feature alone makes Contactually worth every penny, in my opinion.


A Selection of My Personal Buckets

A Selection of My Personal Buckets

A Peek into The Uber 50

A Peek into The Uber 50

Introducing The Contactually Buckets

Introducing The Contactually Buckets


In my opinion, it’s the way Contactually reminds you to stay connected with those you know that sets them apart from all their competitors.

Because you can task Contactually to remind you each day about reaching out to 5… 10… 15 people who you haven’t spoken to for a while (as I mentioned earlier).

Beyond this, Contactually allows you to tailor these reminders and follow-ups based on each type of person, because let’s face it, you don’t wish to stay connected with everyone in the same way.

For instance, I like to touch base with those in The Uber 50 at least every 2 months, whereas those who feature in my:

  • The Power 100 = 150 Days
  • Those I Know = 300 Days
  • Those I Would Like to Know = 300 Days

This isn’t to say they’re less important or valuable than the rest, but you have certain relationships that needs greater communication than others.

And the fact Contactually let’s you not only define this, but then emails you a list of people each morning is HUGE!


Working Hard To get That A+ Grade

Working Hard To get That A+ Grade

Contactually... Reminding You Who To Speak to Each Day

Contactually… Reminding You Who To Speak to Each Day


Although I don’t use Contactually for my email marketing, there are times I need to reach out to numerous contacts at the same time (more about this below), making Contactually’s Scale Mail Feature is an absolute life-saver!

This Scale Mail feature isn’t designed to send thousands of messages at a single time, nor to create automated sequences like you do in a tool like ConvertKit, rather it let’s you send a single (although still personalised) message to an entire group of contacts (upto 50 at a time).

For instance, all 163 Entrepreneurs I interviewed for The Successful Mistake appear in my Contactually Account, so if I ever need to message them about an important book update, all I have to do is click on The Successful Mistake Entrepreneur Tag, highlight everyone, and then send them a Scale Mail.

BUT… they don’t all get sent the exact same email, because Contactually let’s you personalise each (either manually or automatically with customised fields) so you’re able to save time, yet still provide a unique and personal experience.


Scale Mail = Life Saver

Scale Mail = Life Saver


Another feature that helps you stay on top and provide a more meaningful experience, are The Programs and Pipelines you can create within Contactually.

To give you a quick overview as to how these useful features work, they basically let you create a series of steps those in particular buckets go through.

For example, let’s say during the lead up to The Successful Mistake’s launch, I wish to swoon every journalist and blogger I know:

  1. I add them to a new bucket (let’s call it PR)
  2. Next, I create a Program (let’s call it, Successful Mistake Press). that features a series of emails designed to introduce them to the book
  3. As launch day nears, I share press releases, social media, and a bunch of other book related goodness.
  4. I connect The Successful Mistake Press Program with the PR Bucket, so new journalists are automatically added to this sequence.
  5. Finally, Contactually reminds me which person needs which email… whether they have responded or not… and makes sure I stay on top.

And all of this means I save time, expose the book to the right people, and ensure they’re taken on an epic ride. Seriously, this tool is a damn game-changer 🙂


Save Time & Create Impact with Contactually Programs and Pipelines

Save Time & Create Impact with Contactually Programs and Pipelines


An Easy Way To Stay on Top!

An Easy Way To Stay on Top!


Finally — and possibly the feature I use the most — come the amazing templates you can create and use within Contactually.

As a general rule I’m not a fan of templates and sending everyone the same information, largely because I value the power of personalisation.

However, as I’m sure yours is too, my time is both precious and limited, and as someone who sends A LOT of emails each day, the more time I save, the better.

PLUS… as I mentioned earlier, you don’t simply create an un-edited template in Contactually, rather versions you can personalise for each person with customised fields and such.

For instance, let’s say I wish to contact every entrepreneur who features in The Successful Mistake during launch week: sharing social media links and other important details…

Creating a template with all the links and main information within it, I can add certain fields to personalise part of the experience automatically (like name, business, and location), and then leave a section for me to fill in before I press the send button (a personal thanks, maybe, or asking them about their current project).

Using these templates within Contactually not only saves a lot of time, but makes it MUCH easier to track who you have and have not messaged (let alone who opens your emails and who replies).


A Selection of Just A Few of My Contactually Templates

A Selection of Just A Few of My Contactually Templates

Template Building Made Easy!

Template Building Made Easy!



If I shared all the ways Contactually have helped me write, publish, and market The Successful Mistake, this would fast become the longest post of all time.

It has, quite frank, been a true life-changer for me, and as I look back on that period I did all these interviews pre-Contactually, I have no idea how I stayed on top, let alone how I kept me sanity.

As you can imagine, involving 163 people in a book is no easy task — not just during the interviewing stages, but in the lead up to launch, too (grabbing an address from them to send their copy, telling them when launch is, and so much more).

In general, those who feature in the book are busy individuals, so I try to limit the amount of emails I send them.

I also have limited time and resources, so it’s the use of The Scale Mail Feature that has possibly brought the greatest value to The Successful Mistake.

Combined with the intelligent templates you can create, this Scale Mail Feature has let me reach out to all 163 people in next to no time; without sacrificing quality or value.

So, although I value MANY Contactually features, I’d argue it’s the Scale Mail one that has saved my bacon the most (alongside the templates), and it’s a tool I use in other walks of life, too (for other books, client work, new projects, and simply reaching out to friends around an event or birthday).

I cannot for sure say The Scale Mail Feature would save your own bacon (plus a whole host of time), but I imagine it might — you are, after all, a go-getter with far too little time and far too much to do.

And all of this brings us back to YOU… and what you personally can get out of this rocking partnership between The Successful Mistake and Contactually…



I’m so proud to have Contactually part of The Successful Mistake, but this partnership is neither about them nor the book, rather YOU!!!

Myself and the Contactually team are in constant contact, coming up with ideas to provide folk like you the best value possible (not just through the book, but with exclusive Contactually opportunities, too).

I cannot reveal all of these plans right now, but the moment you join The Successful Mistake Adventure is the minute you join a select community that gets A LOT of value!

Simply put, we have lots of plans up our sleeves — not just around the book launch, but moving deep into the future — and we invite you to be part of it today with a Special Successful Mistake / Contactually Welcome Pack designed especially for YOU.

It’s 100% FREE and includes:

  • The Successful Mistake Chapter Sample
  • Instant Access To Stage One’s Interactive Workbook
  • The Successful Mistake Artwork Bundle
  • Entry into the course: 5 Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making Today if You Want to Be Successful


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the complete Contactually Features Here —  you will not be disappointed!

I’ve only scratched the surface as to what this awesome company produces, and if you’re anything like me you’ll fall in love once you check out everything they have to offer.

With that… I’d love to hear your thoughts about this post, about Contactually, and about your own faved features. Reach out to me on either FACEBOOK or TWITTER, and if you have any questions about this partnership or the book in general, say hello via email 🙂

Here’s to you, my go-getting brethren!


Now… go forth and share this article with every single person you know 🙂